Top 3 Pentesting Certifications for 2021

Penetration testing(also known as pen testing)has become widely popular in recentyears.Industries that store and access private and sensitive information,such asbanks,hospitals, government organizations,etc.,have widely adopted penetration testing toidentifyvulnerabilities in their IT infrastructure.
Pentestingis a security exercise where a cybersecurity professional attempts to identify and exploit vulnerabilities in a computer network.
This blogoutlines the top 3Pentestingcertifications thatwillhelp your teamstay at the frontline inidentifyingand preventing malicious data breachestoyour organization’s IT systems.
Pentesting and ethical hacking
Pentestingand Ethical hacking are so closely related to each other that many a time, thesetwoterms are used interchangeably.Ethical hacking isan umbrella termthatfocuses on the broader aspects of all the hacking andcomputer attack techniques.Pentestingis one of the in-depth features of ethical hacking,which aims atdiscovering the vulnerabilities and risks of the IT infrastructure by gaining full access to the system.If you are considering pursuing apentestingcourse, it will be beneficial for you to know the fundamentals of ethical hacking and getthe required functional knowledge.A combinationof these two courses will upgrade your cybersecurity knowledge to the next level.
WhatShouldYouLook For When Choosing aPentestingCourse
Severalorganizations offerpentestingcourses.Making the right choice is extremely important to get the best hands-on technical skills.Threecoursesrank at the highest levelfortheir USPs-CompTIA Pentest+, IACRB Certified Penetration Tester(CPT), and Certified Expert Penetration Tester (CEPT).The top considerations for choosingthese 3pentestingcourses are:
Skills -Getting the right skills to build a solid team foundation isanessential prerequisite for selecting the right penetration testing certification.Your team will learn penetration testing methodologies and tools, how to exploit and attack networks,wireless,applications, RF-based vulnerabilities, and post-exploitation techniques through these courses.Learners will also master the tools of information gathering and vulnerability identification.
Price- Thisparameter,by default,will always beapriority while deciding on any course.All thethreepentestingcoursesmentionedare priced in the range of $350 -$500,which ishighlycompetitivecompared to other certifications available online.
Course Completion Time-Organizationsrealizethe importance of awell-equippedcyber defenseteamowing to the increasing number ofcybercrimes.It is imperative toupgradethe hands-on skills ofamaximum numberof team membersin a short spanto combat cyber-attacks and vulnerabilities.Thesethreepentestingcourseshave afastercompletion bandwidthtoupskill your teamsquickly.
Pen testers are not like other IT jobs. There is no one-size fits all skill set. There are certain qualifications and talents that can be considered “requirements” for any IT job.
Networking Skills – Many security flaws can be traced back to networks. Pen testers with a deep understanding of computer networks are able to spot flaws and identify problems that others might not see.
Linux Skills-Many network security technologies are based on Linux;thus,familiarizingyourself with theLinuxterminal will beadvantageous.It is also recommended to knowaboutrunning an operating system like Kali.
System Administration-Pen testing requires a deep understanding of how computers, servers and network appliances are set up and operated. It also includes information about access rights and security controls, as well as the many vulnerabilities and attack methods.
Programming-It is not necessary to be a software developer to become a pen tester;however,programming knowledge isadvantageous. Scripting languages such as Perl, Bash, Python and Ruby, as well web development languages (HTML and CSS, JavaScript and SQL) are especially beneficial.
Automation skills-Scripting languages can be used to automate tasks and make it easy to use many tools. You will be more familiar with common attack surfaces if you use web development languages.
Communication skills-Althoughpentestingis a more technically oriented job,certainsoft skillslike ethics, articulation,empathy,and writing skills areessential. The role involveswritingreportsthatdemand attention to detail andaccuratedocumentation of the findings. Even the smallest details can make a big difference.
Physical Security – Although most penetration testing is focused on information technology, there are times when physical penetration may be necessary. Basic awareness of physical security controlsisrequiredlikeweak locks,Insecure door mechanisms, insufficient restrictions to enter r