New Training: Install DNS in Windows Server

This 25-video intermediate training by SPOTO trainer Keith Barker focuses on the knowledge systems administrators need for managing and implementing DNS functionality within an enterprise network. It ensures connectivity, log-in capabilities, and discoverability.
This is the new Microsoft Windows Server training.
A network’s central task is to resolve domain names. As a network grows, the responsibility of managing DNS servers and records shifts from someone else to an internal network administrator. Understanding how to implement DNS is crucial when this happens.
Network administrators who manage networks with their own DNS records must have a solid understanding of how domain name server servers gather and disseminate information about domains, where zone files are stored, and how to parse DNS Records. This training teaches how to implement DNS in Windows Server.
This two-part series covers topics like understanding name resolution and how it works, creating DNS records and zones, managing forwarding, and configuring conditional forwarding.
You can watch a video from the series here:

This series includes the following skills:
Configure and Install DNS Servers in Windows Server
Configure DNS Records and Zones in Windows Server

This training covers the following topics:
DNS Records Overview
DNS Recursion
DNS Scavenging
DNS Zones Overview
Adding the DNS Server Role

This training includes:
Training for 6 hours
25 videos

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