You must pay attention to the major objectives and aims F5 BIG-LTM

The first step to making your career more bright with any certification is to learn as much information as possible about it. This includes exam code, its importance, professional demand, and many other details. The important thing is what are the objectives and skills that will be covered in the exam. It is therefore important to thoroughly study it.
If you want to become an F5 BIGLTM certified professional, you need to be familiar with the main objectives of the examination and the skills that you will acquire and validate through certification.
Before we can begin to set our objectives, there are additional details that must be known.
Introduction to the company F5
F5 Inc. was established in February 1996. It was initially founded to provide Local balancing products. Later, the company expanded its services and added security and DDoS defense in applications.
F5 continued to innovate and add new features to their products. They offer the best digital experience, especially when it comes to adaptive applications. These applications are capable of self-healing, growing, shrinking, defending and defending themselves.
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The F5 provides application security, cloud, traffic management and orchestration, as well as automation. They offer many products, including BIG-IP and BIG-IQ, Global Server Load Balancing, Advanced WAF, NGINX, and many more.
What is F5 BIGLTM certification?
F5 is a leader in providing support for different applications via their products. F5 products are used by many large companies to balance and secure their network. The companies need skilled and trained personnel to manage and maintain their products.
These products are important for application security and traffic management. Companies do not hesitate to hire inexperienced or new candidates. F5 introduced F5 certifications.
Both the employee and employer benefit from these certifications. This certification helps both the employer and the employee to quickly choose the right candidate. It also helps the candidate prove his/her ability to manage the products and gain credibility.
F5 BIG-LTM certifications are valid for the skills required to install and manage the load balancing products offered by F5. This product, which stands for Local traffic manager (LTM), helps manage network traffic, speed of the application network, inspect the network, and many other functions.
Information about F5 BIGLTM
Here are some important information regarding the F5 BIG LTM certification exam.
There are two sub-tests to the exam:
BIG-IP LTM301A: BIG -IP LTM301A LTM Specialist – Architect, Setup & Deploy exam.
BIG-IP LTM301B: BIG IP LTM Specialist: Maintain & Troubleshoot (Exams 301 B).
BIG-IP LTM301A: Valid F5 CA, BIG-IP Certification
BIG-IP LTM301B: Valid F5 -CA, BIG -IP Certification and a valid passing grade in exam LTM301A
Core Objectives of F5 BIG – LTM
Application delivery testing and verification through the BIG-IP traffic statistics.
The backup of BIG-IP configuration configuration allows for safekeeping
Describe the use cases and distinguish between SIP, Universal and cookie.
Configure pools, virtual server profiles, monitors, persistence objects, and profiles.
To activate and manage traffic processes in a load balancing system, configure the priority group activation.
Member-based vs. node-based dynamic load balancer methods
Configuring connection limits allows you to set a threshold for traffic volume to certain pool members and nodes.
Configuration of VLAN Tagging and Trunking
Description of 3 Match Across Services persis