Top 4 Reasons to Get CompTIA A+ Certification

To be competitive and survive, organizations must be at the forefront technology and best practices. This means that the team must have core skills in IT infrastructure, design and implementation, as well as management. CompTIA certifications and training are a great way to improve the productivity of your IT team.
TheCompTIA A+ certificationisinternationally acceptedas atried and testedcredentialfor the organizations’ helpdesk team whilepreparingthem for even more advanced roles.
This blog focuses on the key features of CompTIA A+ certification.

What is CompTIA A+ certification exactly?

Who is it for?

Top 4 Reasons to Choose CompTIA A+ Certification For Your Team

Why choose NetCom Learning for CompTIA-A+ Training?

What is CompTIA A+Certification and How Does It Work?
The CompTIA A+ certification is a beginner-level credentialprovidingunified relevant data access to the users independent of the access platform/devices used. Users with authorization can configure, upgrade, or install different operating systems, including Windows, Android and Linux, Apple OS Android, iOS, and Linux.
Who is it For?
NetCom Learning offersCompTIAvendor-neutralauthorizedcertifications.Teamscanselectfrom thecourses offeredwhich aredirectly relevant to theircurrent area of expertise.
Organizations, especially IT & Software industry firms,shouldget theirIT teams certified through specialized CompTIA A+ training for better results and outcomes.Some of the atypical rolesthat are suitable for the CompTIA A+ certificationarelistedbelow:
Associate Network Engineer

Technical Support Specialist

System Support Specialist

Field Service Technician

Data Support Technician

Service Desk Analyst

Administrator for Desktop Support

Technical Support

End-user Computing Technician

IT Business Analyst

Top4Reasons Why CompTIA A+ Certification is Best for Your Team
CompTIA A+ certified team members support the organization’s digital technologies across cloud security, network domains, and implement industry best practices for effective management of IT support tasks.

CompTIA A+ certification has become one of thefew industry-recognized credentials that preparesprofessionals to proactively strategize on long-term goals while implementing critical IT support tasks. Organizations and prospective employersidentifythese certified professionals as the go-to resource for end-to-end technical support &managementroles.

Apart from various subject areas where the team members will have certified skills, the below are some of the areas where a CompTIA A+ certified candidategetsspecializedexpertise:

Troubleshooting, configuration, and installation of Computing Devices.

Networking:Wired/Wireless Networks, TCP/UDP Ports,Configuration,and troubleshooting.

Hardware & Peripherals:Installations, Troubleshooting, and Procedures.

Cloud Computing & Virtualization:Concepts, Setups, and configuration.

Software:Operating System (Microsoft Mac, Linux) – Features & Tools, Security.

Security:Protocols, Authentication, Vulnerabilities & Troubleshooting Configurations.

Operational procedures & best practices, Safety protocols and environment impact.

Communication Techniques:Scripts, Remote access, Documentation.

The CompTIA A+ certification course also undergoes regular revisions to ensure relevance in the ever-changing business spectrum and hence is quite revered by organizationsandprospective employers.

About CompTIAA+Exam
NetCom Learning offers CompTIA-A+ training courses that have been approved by the Department of Defense (DoD) in accordance with the authorized training requirements.
CompTIA A+ Certification Preparation Course (Exam 220-1001) This 5-day foundation course will cover networking basics, mobile devices management and virtualization domains. It also covers troubleshooting from both a hardware and network perspective. This course prepares the candidate for the CompTIA+ 220-1001 (Core 1) exam. It is part of two required exams that will lead to the CompTIA+ certification.
Who Should Attend?
Anyone who is interested in entry-level technician positions and has basic IT skills can apply for the certification.
CompTIA A+ CertificationPreparation Training(Exam 220-1002)
This course is also 5-day long and covers core technologies in cloud and security domains. It includes operation procedures, security management, software configuration and troubleshooting, as well as Operating Systems (OS), configurations. This preparatory course was designed in accordance with the updated syllabus for the 220-1002 exam. It prepares candidates for the CompTIA 220-1002 (Core 2) exam.
Who Should Attend?
People who have basic co