The demand for “uniquely human skills” increases even as technology and automation replace some jobs [INFOGRAPHIC]

Reading Time: 1 Minute Morning Consult conducted a survey of over 650 employers and more than 1,500 former college students for Cengage. The survey found that employers are more interested in soft skills than technical, quantitative, and computer skills.
“These results prove that we should not underestimate the power and influence of the people factor in the workforce.” While technology and automation will continue changing and replacing jobs, there are still skills that cannot easily be automated such as the ability think critically and problem solve.” – Michael Hansen CEO, Cengage
These are the key findings
Employers are looking for listening skills, attention and detail, effective communication, critical thought, interpersonal skills, active learning, and effective communication.
73% of employers stated it was difficult to find qualified candidates. 34% claim that schools don’t properly prepare students for work.
65 percent of students feel that finding a job in today’s economy is more difficult than it was in their parents’ generation.


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