Server war stories: Free webcast ( September 13)

Server war stories: Published at ZDnet
What number of server disaster stories (or close calls), do you think the average system administrator has in their resume?
We think the answer is a lot. Every server worker has heard of a story, or had to go through a crisis. It’s impossible to not have it over the course of a long career. It’s not always someone’s fault, but it’s a fact of life.
A webcast was hosted by ZDNet on September 13. It featured a panel of experts who reminisced over some of their favorite server war stories. These were the ones where everything went pear-shaped until someone found the problem and fixed it.
Live from Microsoft TechEd on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Sam Higgins, Microsoft senior programme manager and “virtual computer guy” Ben Armstrong, South Australia Water senior information architect Pete Calvert and Fastlane Asia Pacific enterprise solutions manager Erdal Okaya shared their stories about their worst disasters and close calls.
These experts will discuss the problem, what they did to fix it, and how they prevented it happening again.
They also shared their dislikes of servers, new features they love or hate, and what they wish they could do to change.