Salesforce for End Users – New Course

SPOTO trainer Jamie Grettum has released her Salesforce for End Users – Classic Interface course. This gives users an overview of the Salesforce platform from a non-administrative perspective. Jamie explains everything you need as a Salesforce salesperson or manager.
Jamie explains in this 18-video course all the tools you need to get into Salesforce on the front end. This will increase your productivity and effectiveness with CRM.
Jamie spoke to us about her new course, and how you can get the most out of your training.
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Start trainingQ: Why should Salesforce-certified companies train their end users? What is the value?
Salesforce is a great platform for learning, but the business processes it supports (such as tracking leads and managing leads) are not as easy to understand by employees.
Salesforce could be the most important investment your company makes in near future. It is not worth leaving adoption up to chance. This investment will yield a higher ROI by training users and communicating expectations about how they will use the core features.
Q: Who should learn Salesforce What type of career can Salesforce skills help you to pursue?
Salesforce basics are a must for any salesperson in any industry, regardless of whether they are a sales manager, sales manager or marketing professional. All foundational tasks will enable your organization to manage all your customers’ data, including how to convert leads, manage potential opportunities, and create reports.
Q: Do you have any tips for students to get the most from your course?
If you are new to Salesforce, it is a good idea to complete the entire course from start to finish. You can skip the course if you are more experienced and just grab the Nuggets as you go. Make sure to set aside time to watch the videos and follow along in Salesforce Org to get hands-on practice.
Q: Which real-world application can Salesforce for End Users – Classic Interface allow someone to use?
As a new Salesforce user, this course will teach you about the core features and functionality that Salesforce offers. You will know how features work, no guesswork.
Q: Which course(s), or certification(s), should learners take before they dive into Salesforce for End Users – Interface course?
No prerequisites, certifications, or courses are required. Salesforce expects you will jump in the deep end to figure it all out. This is not the best way to learn. This course focuses on core features and functionality. I will cover everything you need to know about Salesforce to use it confidently and effectively, whether you are a new Salesforce user or if you are relaunching Salesforce.
Q: Which course(s), or certification(s), should Salesforce for End Users–Interface graduates consider after completing Salesforce for End Users – Interfacing?
Learn more about Salesforce and how it can be used effectively for your company. Salesforce offers many tools. SPOTO has a lot of content. Talk to your Salesforce admin and supervisor to discuss how your team can make Salesforce work for you!

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