Salary for Certified Ethical Hacker: How Much Do Ethical hackers Make?

Respect will always be given to a trustworthy profession that assists others in protecting their data and interests. This is called ethical hacking. It aims to help others use explicit hacking techniques with good intentions. We’re here to talk about the career of an Ethical Hacker and the Certified Ethical Hacker Salaary. This will include how much money an individual may make if they choose to pursue an ethical hacking career.
We will also cover all other important information about CEH certification. This will answer questions such as Is EC Council Certified Ethical Hacker certification worthwhile? Or is CEH enough to get a job? There are many other questions and doubts that people may have about ethical hacking.
What is CEH – Certified Ethical Hacker?
Let’s first define what an ethical hacker. What are their responsibilities?
Ethical hackers, also known as “white-hats”, are security experts for organizations. They protect the organization’s valuable assets and make it more technologically advanced with their knowledge and experience.
Ethical hackers must work within their boundaries. They have pre-defined boundaries and cannot go beyond them. This is the main reason why there is a divergence between an ethical hacker, and a malicious hacker.
A Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) is a qualified expert who can search for loopholes or flaws in target systems. They also use the same tools and techniques that a malicious hacker to assess the security of the target system ethically as well as legally.
The CEH certificate from the EC-Council certifies individuals in the network and includes the responsibilities of ethical hacking.
Why do businesses need certified ethical hackers?
The fourth most sought-after cyber security job is Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH).
Organizations are concerned about privacy and security. Businesses and organizations around the globe have accepted the enormous demand for ethical hackers.
Modern warfare does not involve gun and bullet war. Cyber warriors are able to remove sensitive and confidential information from multiple corporate servers and networks.
What is Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) certification?
The EC-Council conducts the Certified Ethical Hacker exam. This certification qualifies one to be competently called an “ETHICAL HACKER.” To be considered proficient in ethical hacking, a person must pass this exam.
This certification was created by the EC–COUNCIL Organization to recognize qualified professionals with different e–business & cybersecurity skills.
The CEH exam takes 4 hours and consists of 125 questions as well as 20 practical challenges. To pass this exam/test, you must score 70%.
The EC-Council has awarded CEH certification to more than 237,000 security professionals in governments and other organizations. They have helped to improve the skills of many prominent organizations such as IBM, Microsoft and the US Army, FBI, and the UN.
Cyber security has expressed its need for a reliable tool that can identify people with these capabilities. This is why the EC-Council CEH certification was strongly supported and confirmed by cyber security professionals.
The industry’s recognition of the CEH has strengthened the belief that ethical hacking can be a useful skill and an honorable occupation. The CEH’s approval has given integrity to a group that previously was only pursued by criminals.
CEH Job Outlook
A CEH certification means you have the skills to perform the positions/roles you are assigned.
Security Consultant

Penetration Tester

Computer Forensics Analyst

Malware Analyst

Security Specialist

Security Code Auditor

Security Analyst

Security Engineer

Average Salary for Certified Ethical Hacker
Here’s the main part.
Let’s get to the point. It’s also impossible to show a direct link between CEH certification and higher pay packages. It is undisputed that CEH certification is associated with the highest-paying jobs.
As EC-Council CEH certification is spread to other security jobs in a variety of organizations, the average pay will vary. This certification will undoubtedly qualify you for promotions to higher-paying jobs or additional perks such as a salary increase in your current job.
The average salary for a certified ethical hacker in the USA is $90K

Indian Certified Ethical Hacker Salary: The median certified ethical hacker income in India is Rs 599K

Salary for Certified Ethical Hacker