Radware and Internetwork Engineering (IE), are Redefining Cybersecurity and Application Delivery Standard

Radware and Internetwork Engineering (IE), are changing the face of cybersecurity and application delivery standards
We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Radware, a provider of cyber security and application delivery services for cloud-based, on-prem and software-defined data centres. Are you curious about the benefits of this partnership for our customers? Customers can expect this partnership to improve the security of their data centers, public cloud environments, and applications. Customers can also expect to benefit Radware’s multi-cloud application delivery controllers, (ADC), that enhance local and global load balancer capabilities for all cloud-based, mobile and web-based applications.

Radware is a result of the team’s diverse IT experience and has a track record for success. Their management team states that their goal is to “help organizations drive business productivity and improve profitability and reduce IT operating cost.” Radware’s application delivery services and cybersecurity solutions help organizations protect sensitive data and create secure environments to support their customers and potential customers.

Radware’s mission statement states that Radware’s DDoS mitigation, web app firewall (WAF) and application delivery solutions are industry-leading. This partnership will allow Radware to expand its cybersecurity arsenal and provide more availability for customers than ever before.

Sean Rollman, IE’s VP & Chief Technology Officer, said that Radware “complements IE’s portfolio with security- and application delivery capabilities designed to meet almost every customer need.” We will continue to exceed our customers’ expectations for high availability of applications and systems on-premise or in cloud by integrating Radware into IE’s solution set.

Radware(r), NASDAQ: RDWR, is a global leader in cyber security and application delivery for physical, cloud, or software-defined data centers. Its award-winning solutions portfolio protects digital experience by providing IT protection and availability services for enterprises worldwide. This includes infrastructure, application, corporate IT protection, and availability services. Radware’s solutions enable more than 12,500 carrier and enterprise customers around the world to quickly adapt to market challenges, maintain business continuity, and achieve maximum productivity while keeping costs low.
Radware is available on Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn. For more information and company updates, visit their website.