Quora: How to be successful in the PM Industry

Do you remember the elementary school kid who knew everything? It was quite annoying when he demanded all the teacher’s attention. Now you are the PM and can make or break the dreams. It would be amazing to have half the knowledge of that child at your disposal. Quora was founded in 2009 by Adam D’Angelo and Charlie Cheever, former employees of Facebook. It allows you to forgive that child for all the times he tripped you at recess.
How does Quora compare to Wikipedia?
Wikipedia introduced the concept in 2001 of a decentralized encyclopedia. This revolutionized information gathering by allowing users to curate it. Quora extends this idea with a simple question-and-answer format. The site allows users to register with real names. After you have registered, you can answer any question. Voting allows other users to reward accuracy by rewarding you for being accurate. All the industry leaders’ thoughts in one package: the know-it all kid, the wise old mentor, and the know-it-all kid.
A Historical Context that Leads to Quora
The principles of project management have transcendental implications. To achieve great things, you need a sharp and disciplined brain to organize the tasks, manage resources and ensure that the team meets their goals. It was easy to manage one-time projects before the Second World War using Henry Gantt charts and Frederick Winslow Taylor’s Principles of Scientific Management. Managers managed projects and operations without much thought. With the advancements in technology, projects became more complex and large after WWII. These new projects required the attention of a full time professional. Because of the technological advancements that have been made, PM is one of today’s most popular job titles. Although PMs are among the highest-salaried professionals, this also comes with high levels of stress. You have the power to make it successful or fail. It’s up to you to keep your skills sharp and current. Quora can help you do that.
The Right Software for Your Project
The Project Evaluation and Review Technique and Critical Path Method were the most popular methods in the industry when the Project Management Institute (PMI), opened its doors in 1969. Pros and newly minted PMs could easily share information using the PMI’s Project Management Body of Knowledge. Computers added algorithms to the PMs’ toolbox, and high-speed internet enabled instant connectivity. Hosted software solutions today can be adapted to any type of team or project. Quora makes it easy to find the right tool, cutting down on the time it takes. Quora allows you to search for project management software. This will give you the information you need to make the best decision about the software. This curated list includes real-life applications from the industry. Quora gives you everything you need to make informed decisions.
Pitches from the PM Companies
Quora isn’t just for PMs. You will also learn about the best project management software to manage small creative teams. Aha! Screen shots and explanations of Aha! This is targeted advertising. It pitches directly to your audience. This thread has 65000 views and is more effective than ads banners. It’s also less expensive. Quora also offers the PM industry another benefit: companies can promote their product or inform readers about it.
How to become a PM expert
A company is only as good and as competent as its experts. PMI’s goal was not to provide centralized information on project management but to professionalize the job. This was the inspiration for the Project Management Professional (PMP), certification. The PMP certification is widely respected today. Quora offers information about certification for those who have led teams. Learn from people who have been there. You can also study project management from an academic perspective, further improving your skills.