Practical Network Slicing 5G In this demonstration, you will see the configuration of IMS and Internet objects (Data Networks Name). These DNNs will be assigned to several slice-descriptors. This will show how geography plays into slice implementation. The slice will then be configured on a 5G network. View slide deck>>

Stuart Feeser

Stuart has been in the data/telecommunications industry for the past 35 years. Stuart devotes his time to the deep understanding of complex systems by researching the latest technology and providing training and consulting services based upon his research. Stuart possesses strong technical skills that he obtained through his tenure in the industry and has a unique ability to make intricate concepts completely understandable.Authored Courses Include 5G Essentials, Mobile Evolution, Kubernetes Bootcamp, SDN/SD-WAN, SIP Essentials, Openstack, Ansible and many more. This Webinar will show you how to configure network slices using a demonstration of the following. Slice definition DNN configuration UE slicing setup UPF configuration. Related Courses Kubernetes Bootcamp 5G Essentials Kubernetes Administration Certified Kubernetes Administration Training & Certification Python Basics APIs & API Design with Python