New Training: Implementing Storage in Azure and Managing it

This intermediate training video, which consists of 28 videos, is by Chuck Keith. It covers the knowledge systems administrators need to create and manage Azure accounts accounts. It also covers how to secure and manage data in Azure Storage. It also explains how to navigate Azure File and Blob systems.
This Azure Storage training is available.
Azure Storage is a pay-as you-go service that offers unlimited capacity. It’s highly scalable, available and robust. As a cloud storage expert, you will be able to learn the basics of managing and implementing Azure storage.
These are the three skills that make up this training:
Learn how to become a security expert with SPOTO’s Cybersecurity Training
Start trainingCreate Storage Accounts in Azure
Azure Data Import and Export
Configure Azure Files

This three-part series covers topics like managing Azure identities and governance and implementing and managing storage. It also covers deploying and managing Azure compute resource.
Azure Storage Lab 2
Understanding the Blob Storage Account Type
Azure CLI and Powershell: Create a Storage Account
Using Azure Data Box
Azure File Sync Overview

This training includes:
2 hours of training
28 videos

You can watch a video from the series here:

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