New Course: Palo Alto Networks Certified Network Security Engineers (PCNSE).

This 113-video Palo Alto training by SPOTO trainer Keith Barker teaches security engineers the knowledge they need to manage security platforms, hardware and software, and troubleshoot problems in networks.
This is the new Palo Alto Security training.
Security engineers are constantly on the alert. Network intruders are becoming more aware of security practices and creating new attacks to exploit vulnerabilities every day. However, every yin and yang has its yang, and that is where Palo Alto security professionals shine. As you Deployment & Configuration of Palo Alto software and hardware, manage security platforms, configure redundancies, and take charge of Network Security Issues, you will stay one step ahead.
This 15-part series covers security Management Concepts, deployment and configuration of Palo Alto Hardware and Software, and management and operation of Security Platforms.
You can watch a video from the series here:

This series includes the following skills:
Palo Alto FW High Accessibility
Panorama for FW Mgmt
DoS Protection, Palo Alto Zone Buffer and Palo Alto Zone
Palo Alto FW Routing
Palo Alto GlobalProtect
Panorama HA, Logging and Troubleshooting
Palo Alto Decryption Strategies
Digital Certificates and Palo Alto
Palo Alto NAT, PAT, & Security
Palo Alto Quality of Service, (QoS).

This training covers the following topics:
Overview of Dynamic groups
Authentication Settings
Import FW Configuration
Introduction to Firewall HA
Apps, Groups, and Filters

This training includes:
15 hours of training
113 videos

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