Internetwork Engineering (IE), and Cohesity are redefining data management

We’re excited to share with you a little about our partnership withCohesity, a pioneering data managementsolution provider, who’s key approach is the ability to collapse workload silos, eliminateduplicates,and share data efficiently.How will this approachbenefitour customers?Theycan expect this partnershiptohelpbringmoresimplicity,value,and effectiveness totheirdata management.

Cohesity uses web-scale design principles in order to revolutionize an IT field that hasn’t seen innovation for decades. Their software-defined platform streamlines infrastructure and operations, reduces TCO by 70%, allows easy cloud integration, and offers Google-like search. Backups are often seen as expensive insurance that sits inactive. Cohesity begins with backups. They allow IT to do more with their data. For example, they can detect ransomware attacks and search for compliance violations.

According to Cohesity’s website CEO Mohit Aron, “Cohesity is committed continuous innovation, consolidating, simplifying and managing datacentersand cloud management. This is how we will help change the world. Dr. Mohit Aron’s experience with Google File System as lead developer, and then as co-founder/CTO at Nutanix led to him being called the “father of hyperconvergence”. Cohesity is his third generation of design. It focuses on solving the most difficult and complex problem in IT: simplifying data infrastructure.

Todd Royals, IE’s Vice President Sales & Marketing, comments, “We are excited to partner with Cohesity.” Their pioneering approach to data storage gives us the ability to solve our customers’ problems with organizing, storing, and collecting their data assets.”

Cohesity is a new era of data management that addresses a critical problem facing businesses today: mass data fragmentation. The vast majority enterprise data, including backups, archives and file shares, as well as data used for development/test and analytics, is scattered across multiple infrastructure silos. This makes it difficult to manage, hard to protect and expensive to analyze. Cohesity consolidates silos into one web-scale platform that spans on-premises, cloud and the edge. It uniquely empowers organizations to run applications on that platform – making data backup and analysis easier than ever. Cohesity was named a 2019 CNBC Disruptor and a Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum. Visit ourwebsiteandblog, follow us onTwitterandLinkedInand like us onFacebook.