Idea for a Project Management Podcast

I posted the below response to a post on project management podcasts on my project blog and wanted to share it. I want to thank Dina and Cornelius and all other experienced project managers who have considered a podcast or a blog. It would be great to have a series of shows similar to what I describe, almost like a soap opera.
Josh Nankivel wrote:
Both Controlling Chaos and the PM Podcast are great. Both Dina and Cornelius do a great job of finding great guests and having conversations with valuable content.
Maybe it’s because of my student status, I haven’t been in a PM position for many years like others, but I don’t find their shows to be very interesting.

Personally, I would like to see a show with a different format that follows the storyline from the beginning to end of a project. It would be amazing to be able get inside the head and perspective of stakeholders and project managers and tell the story through alternate narrators. Each episode could be focused on a particular phase or milestone of the project, with the finale being the achievement (or failure) of that milestone.

This type of show could be pulled off by a project manager who has a lot of experience and is a good storyteller.
Josh Nankivel
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