I Want Your Salary to Increase by $10,000. That’s my goal. To help project professionals get ahead in their careers, I’m writing a book. You’re probably shocked. Why would Josh write a book about this? Doing It Lean – With You I’m also a huge Lean enthusiast. Continuous feedback from customers is key to creating products that actually make a difference in people’s lives. I chose to use a publishing platform that is based on Lean thinking. https://leanpub.com/projectcareermastery The feedback from people like you is what I’m most excited about. You can:

  • Please give me feedback about content
  • Please give me feedback about the value of it (pricing is variable, so you can pay whatever you feel it’s worthy).
  • Receive free updates as the book breathes Kaizen (continuous improvement).

Better than Tradition My last book was frustrating because it was obvious that it had to be ‘done.’ I could not stop myself from stealing a great idea or insight that would make the book better. Yes, I could blog about it or make a video about the topic, but no one who has already purchased the book would be able to benefit. Making changes in an electronic platform such as Amazon Kindle can be a pain in your rear. As an indicator, I will also look at the response and engagement to this announcement. Do I really need to write this? This is going be a lot of work. My time and energy are better spent on helping a few people. This is one of the best things about it. I can get down to the details. I can write very specific “how-to” content. Because LinkedIn can change, for example I can update the book instantly. All of you who purchased it will be notified so that they can update the book for free. Sweet! I’m writing this for you – What problem could I solve to help your project career? That would make you squeal! What is your biggest question Do you feel stuck? Are you unable to find the right answer because you don’t know where to start? What if you could get the next job in your career, would it be a $10,000/year increase in your salary? More? Leave a comment on the book’s page (“https://leanpub.com/projectcareermastery”) and tell me what would rock your world. You will be notified about updates by leaving your email and name there. You can also tell me about the holy grail that is project career mastery.