How to pass the Microsoft Azure DP201 Exam? Blog

Before you start reading this article, here are some tips. You must pass both the DP-200 exam and DP201 exam to be able to pursue a career in Microsoft Azure Data Engineer. You can read our article about DP 200 exam and then come back here to find all the information about DP-201 exam.
The Microsoft DP201 exam will be retired on June 30, 2021. A new exam Data Engineering on Microsoft Azure Beta (DP-203) has been created.
Let’s look at the basics and understandAzureDataEngineerAssociate. Data engineers associates implement, manage, monitor, secure and secure data using all Azure services to meet business needs. They are also responsible for designing, programming, implementing, and supporting existing functions for data business intelligence analysis.
We need to ask ourselves why data engineers are so important.
Data Scientist vs Data Engineer
Data has revolutionized the way businesses operate. Data has become the new fuel of the 20th century’s industries. Data is used by all data professionals to solve business problems, introduce new technologies, and invent new products. This is why new job profiles like DATA SCIENTISTS or DATA ENGINEER are so popular. What is more important than understanding the differences between them?
Data scientist is a 21st century alchemist who can transform any raw data into detailed insights. They use statistics, machine-learning, and analytical approaches to solve business problems.
Data engineering is the backbone for data science. They create data infrastructure that is then analyzed by Data Scientists. They are the software engineers responsible for designing, building, integrating data from various sources, and managing data. Without Data Engineers, there won’t be any Data Scientist.
Now that you know the difference between Data Scientists and Data Engineers, let’s move on to the DP-201 exam information.
Exam Overview: DP-201
DP-201: Designing an Azure Data Solution after the DP-20 exam is the next requirement to become an Azure Data Engineer Associate. The previous exam, i.e. Candidates must implement a data solution in the DP-200 exam. Candidates must design data solutions with business stakeholders for the DP-201 exam. We have listed all the skills required for candidates to be successful.
Candidates should be proficient in using Azure Data Services to design data solutions and meet data requirements.
Secondly, candidates must be able design data solutions that use Azure services like Azure Cosmos DB and Azure SQL Database.
The DP-200 exam measures the candidate’s ability to perform various tasks, such as designing Azure data storage and data processing solutions as well as data security and compliance.
The candidate should also be able to design Azure data storage solutions while performing data-related tasks.
Let’s move on to gather more information about DP-201 exam, so you don’t miss anything!
Every exam is unique, so every exam has a different exam process. It is crucial to know all details before you move forward. We have provided all relevant information so that you don’t have any inconvenience.
Microsoft Azure DP-201 Exam – Learning Path
The DP-201 exam covers approximately 40-60 questions and takes approximately 210 minutes. 180 minutes are allotted to candidates for answering the exam. The remaining 30 minutes are reserved for instructions and feedbac.