How to eliminate space between dependent tasks

TeamGantt has a feature that allows you to eliminate space between dependent tasks in your Gantt chart.
Some people like to be able leave gaps between tasks. This is a common feature of project scheduling. TeamGantt is set up by default to allow you space out tasks.
Some people prefer to have a tight schedule and all their dependent tasks set up with no gaps.
This has the added benefit of allowing you to drag Task A back in history, and Task B is dependent upon it, it will automatically move back with it.
You can try it by opening a project and clicking Menu > My Preferences> Remove Slack when Dragging.
Be aware that if there are gaps between dependent tasks, it will automatically reschedule them once you drag a task in the chain. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions about this feature, please let us know!
This page has videos and other tips.
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