Extreme Project Management XPM

“Extreme Project Management is the art and science that facilitates and manages the flow of thoughts and emotions in a way that yields valued outcomes under complex and turbulent conditions. These include those that are high-speed, high-change, high uncertainty and high stress. Doug DeCarlo, author eXtreme Project Management. Project requirements can change daily due to a variety circumstances. Extreme project management is necessary because extreme projects are often carried out in unpredictable environments. It’s hard to predict the speed of the project or the obstacles you will face. Extreme projects are unpredictable and chaotic. The entire process of project development can be messy and chaotic. Project Management Frameworks and Methodologies
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Traditional project management is a great solution for managing engineering or construction projects. It has a clear goal and a clearly defined path to get there. Today, however, many projects do not have a clear path or a predictable life cycle. Extreme project management thrives in a chaotic environment with low levels of certainty. Extreme project management is more flexible than the traditional approach. It is also more structured. Doug DeCarlo, the author of Extreme Project Management, points out the basic differences between the two approaches:Traditional project management is past oriented. Extreme project management is future-oriented.
Traditional project management makes people servants to the process. Extreme project management makes people the servants of the process.
Traditional project management is about centralizing control over people, processes, tools, and other resources. Extreme project management involves distributing control.
Traditional project management attempts to take control of the world (things and people, schedule, etc.). Extreme project management involves taking control of your attitude, your actions, and your view of the world.
Traditional project management is all about managing. Extreme project management involves leading.
Extreme project management skills
DeCarlo likens extreme project management and jazz music. Jazz may sound chaotic and random, but it actually has a structure that allows jazz musicians to create outstanding music within it. Although there is some idea of the goal, there is not much information about how to reach it.
All the tools, templates, processes, and standard tools that engineers used in the past are no longer applicable to extreme project management.
In extreme management, project managers talk with clients to determine the best alternative, then carry out the experiment and learn from the results. This is instead of following the safe route.
The mindset is an important factor
It is obvious that you must take steps to improve your chances of success.