Documentation for Projects: Is it really necessary?

Documentation for Projects: Is it really necessary?

Documentation seems like a daunting task for project managers. Project managers are often involved in complex, high-end projects. Project managers are expected to deliver the expected deliverables when they face triple constraints. Project managers are often faced with multiple tasks, making it difficult to manage all of them. Project managers are often overwhelmed by the task of managing projects. Even so, a good project manager will not stray from the documentation when managing a project’s details. A good project manager will also need to have a solid project documentation.
Documentation for Projects:
What is documentation?
Let’s look at some common definitions of documentation.
According to the Oxford dictionary, documentation can be defined as “material that provides official information or evidence or serves as a record. It is the process of classifying or annotating text.”
Merriam Webster defines,”Documentation is the act or an instance of furnishing or authenticating with documents”
Cambridge dictionary states,”Documentation as official papers, or written material that provides proof of something”
Documentation is therefore a collection of documents.

Archived or recorded material

With information or evidence.

Documentation’s purpose
It can be used to prove traceability or provide reference to something done.
What is Project Documentation?
Documentation for a project includes all documentation involved in it.
It is a great way to make your life easier.
Project expectations and objectives are intact

Project tasks easily traceable

Helps to address any project problems among others.

Project management can save a project manager’s job in one way or another. She is responsible for project status and outcomes. Project managers should be professional and vigilant in keeping track of the progress of projects.
Documentation is essential for project tracking and performance, as well as making decisions.
Sometimes project documentation can seem overwhelming to project managers. A seasoned professional will understand the importance of good documentation. She does not advocate removing documentation from a project cycle. She encourages the use of good documentation templates. She encourages a culture of recording and documenting. The chances of a project failing are increased if there is insufficient or inadequate documentation. Inadequate documentation can also lead to problems related to inadequate support for a project.
Documentation is essential in Project Management

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Why is documentation so important in Project Management?
Many project managers are inexperienced and struggle to understand why documentation is important. A project manager who is not experienced in documenting can feel anxious. She is expected to deliver multiple projects within the constraints. Let me remind you to not skim the documentation part if you are trying to compensate for your time constraints. A project manager must have good time management skills. Documentation is equally important if you want project management skills. It will pay off in the long-term if you have a good set of project management documentation. You’ll have a rewarding career in project management if you manage your project documentation well.
Take a look at the following cases to learn more about the importance and value of project documentation.
1. A project charter is a blueprint document that guides project managers in the initial stages of project management. It helps project managers understand the context and expectations of the project. It also helps to create a project plan that will achieve deliverables. This document provides direction for the project manager and team to follow.