CCSP or CISSP – Which one is better?

It can be difficult to choose between CISSP and CCSP. Both certifications were developed by (ISC). One of the two certifications can be chosen depending on what the individual is looking to do. CCSP allows you to stay technically focused while CISSP will allow you to advance your career as a manager. CCSP certifications are only possible if you have the CISSP credential.
Both certifications are explained below for a better understanding.
Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP).
CCSP Certification, a top cloud security certification, is recognized as a global credential and the most prestigious cloud security certification. CCSP Certification validates your skills in cloud security operations, design, service orchestration, and operations.
This certification requires at least 5 years of IT experience, of which one must be spent in the six domains of CCSP Common Body of Knowledge.
This certification is intended for the following audience:
Enterprise Architect
Security Administrator
Security Architect
Systems Engineer
Security Manager
Security Consultant
Security Engineer
Systems Architect
A CCSP certification gives you instant credibility and recognition. This certification allows you to be ahead of the rest by staying current on the latest technologies, threats, mitigation strategies, and other information. This certification will allow you to work on different cloud platforms and allows you to protect sensitive data in a global setting. CCSP certification allows you to find multiple opportunities and choose the right role for you.
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Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP).
The CISSP credential will help you advance your career in cybersecurity. Obtaining a CISSP credential demonstrates your ability to design, implement and maintain a highly reliable cyber-security program.
To become a CISSP, you must have at least five years of experience in security. This includes experience in at most two of the eight CISSP domains (Common Body of Knowledge).
This certification is intended for the following target audience:
Chief Information Security Officer

Director of Security

Chief Information Officer

IT Director/Manager

Security Systems Engineer

Security Analyst

Security Consultant

Security Auditor

Security Manager

Security Architect

Network Architect

A CISSP certification is highly respected by large organizations and gives you immediate recognition. According to a survey by Global Information Security and Workforce professionals, the average salary earned is 25% higher than that of their non-certified counterparts. CISSP professionals also achieve wage increases at a rate that is higher than many other IT domains.
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Salary Comparison
Comparing the salaries that are withdrawn after completing these courses shows that a CCSP earns an average annual salary of USD100,000. According to Glassdoor, a CISSP professional earns USD80,540 as an Information Security Analyst and USD110.451 as a Security Architect. This research was done through PayScale.