4 Reasons to Manage Your Project online

It is becoming more evident why managing a project online can be so beneficial. Here are some of these top benefits.
1: Access Your Project from Anywhere
You can share the same information with your team members, whether they work from home, in another office, or even in different countries.
You don’t have to be at the same computer every day. You can work from your home, office, coffee shop or mobile device.
2: No Software to Install
You don’t have the hassle of downloading, installing, and dealing with annoying updates. Online software takes away all of the hassle! It all takes care of itself. Log in to get the most recent updates.
3: Everyone Sees the same Thing
You can see the changes made by your team members as soon as they make them. You don’t have to go through the tedious sync process. Everyone works from the same database. All project information is available in real-time.
4: Better Communication
Online project management allows you to store more information. This information can be viewed by other members of your project without the need to send emails back and forth. Here are some examples of information that doesn’t need to be emailed.
New Tasks – You can create, schedule and assign new tasks to the responsible person using the software
Status of Current Tasks: Other users can update the percent completion of their tasks. This eliminates the need to email status updates constantly.
Files – Make sure everyone has access to your files at all times. TeamGantt allows you to keep track of multiple versions of each document.
Quick Comments on Tasks – Keep track of all discussions about tasks in one place. To ensure that communication is fast and effective, you can have comments sent to users via email.
Are there other reasons to manage your project online? Please comment!
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