2022 Scrum Alliance Certification Renewal guide – SEU credits

A Scrum Alliance certification can be very prestigious and lucrative. Scrum Alliance certifications are becoming increasingly popular and widely accepted. After you have earned your Scrum Alliance certification, it is important to keep it. Scrum Alliance requires all credential holders to keep their certification current and to renew it every few years. Scrum Alliance Certification renewals are a requirement to keep your certification active. You will lose your certification if you don’t renew it.
What Scrum Alliance Certification Renewal activities can earn you SEUs
Authoring books
Authoring blogs, articles
Preparing a Presentation
Watch a video of a Scrum Webinar, or Training. Learn more at the Free Scrum SEU post.
Scrum Books
Scrum Alliance Global Gatherings
Regional Scrum Gatherings
Non-Scrum Alliance Sponsored Events

How do you renew Scrum Alliance certification?
What is Scrum Alliance certification maintenance, you ask? Scrum Alliance defines certification maintenance to be your ongoing effort to improve your Scrum knowledge, skills, and abilities that you have acquired from your certification.
Your entry was not saved. Please try again. We have sent you links! You should have already received an email from masterofproject.com. If you have not received an email from us, please check your spam folders. You can also add masterofproject.com on the safe senders list to continue receiving our emails. Participating in many activities that Scrum Alliance allows you to maintain your certification is possible. It is easy to renew your Scrum Alliance certification. After you have earned your Scrum Alliance certification, you will need to earn Scrum SEUs and submit them back to Scrum Alliance for certification renewal. What are Scrum Education Units? SEUs are Scrum Education Units. These are hours you have spent on certain learning or contributing activities. You can find more information in our Full Scrum SEU Guide.
Scrum Alliance certification renewals are done every two years starting from the date of your certification. The process is completed with a payment for certification renewal.
How many SEU credits do you need to renew Scrum Certification Alliance?
Scrum Alliance certifications have different requirements for SEUs. Scrum Alliance CSM Renewal, for example, requires 20 SEUs.
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To renew your certification, you must earn the required number SEUs each year. Below is the table that shows the SEU requirement as well as the renewal fee.
Scrum Alliance CertificationSEU credit requirementRenewal FeeFoundational, CSP-PO, CSP and CSP-SM (CAL II)20US$ 100Professional, CSP-PO, CSP, and CSP-SM (CAL II)40US$ 175Leadership, CAL O, CAL E, CAL 50Note: If you have more than one Scrum Alliance certification you only need to renew the higher-level. The lower-level certification will automatically be renewed when you renew it.
Scrum Alliance Certification Renewal: SEU Earning Activities
You can participate in many activities to earn the required SEU credits, and satisfy the Scrum Alliance certification renewal requirements. These activities are described below.
Scrum Alliance allows for you to earn SEU credits through participation in a variety learning activities. Below are the activities that you can take part in.
Authoring books
Have you ever wished to write a book. This is your chance to be an author. You can earn SEU credits by writing a book. This will allow you to renew your Scrum Alliance certification. It doesn’t matter how large the book is. It doesn’t matter how big the book is, as long as it is about Agile.