2022 SAFe Agile Training – SAFe Agilist Training Benefits

This article will focus on SAFe Agile Training, but let’s start with the origins of agile methodologies.
Project management practices have changed dramatically over the past few years. Anyone who is aware of technology trends will see the impact of agile management on the information technology industry. The rise of software development practices has brought Agile Practices to light. New solutions were required to meet the constantly changing needs of the industry due to the inability of waterfall practices to deliver workable products at a reasonable speed. Software development companies sought to deliver quick results, rapid delivery, and the flexibility to adapt to changing requirements. As a result, there was a greater demand for agile delivery methods of projects. The importance of robust planning and end-to-end planning has become less important. It was also imperative to adopt a more agile approach.
The Birth of Agile Manifesto
After a meeting to discuss pressing software development issues, 2001 saw the continuing Agile trend emerge. This meeting brought together a group software development professionals to discuss these issues. This meeting led to a discussion about how agile practices can be used to address these challenges. The meeting result was an agreement on agile values and principles, called the Agile manifesto. The Agile mindset, which is based on the agile core values and principles, has changed the landscape of software development project delivery. The success of many agile practices led to the spread of agile practices to other industries.
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This success allowed for more agile practices to emerge. These practices also include SAFe. Scaled agile framework, or SAFe, is one of the most well-known agile frameworks. Its attractive tools and techniques also helped it gain international recognition.
SAFe Agile Training – Trending Agile Certification
What is SAFe? SAFe is a framework that combines multiple practices, principles, competencies, and aims to achieve business agility. SAFe is an enterprise-lean group of methodologies that includes multiple frameworks and methodologies, including Agile, Lean, and DevOps. SAFe is an enterprise framework. Therefore, SAFe’s value would be realized at the enterprise level. SAFe is focused on seven core competencies that are essential to enterprise success. These competencies are essential success factors for sustaining enterprise competitive advantage. These seven core competencies include:
Lean-Agile Leadership:
Lean-Agile leadership is the art of empowering employees and teams to achieve their full potential. Read more in the Scrum Master certification post.
Technical and team agility
In addition to technical practices, developing agile behaviors in teams.

Agile Product Delivery
The deliberate building of high-performing teams. This can be achieved by teams that champion customer-centricity and design thinking. This allows for the continuous delivery of high-quality products via Continuous Delivery Pipeline, Release on Demand, DevOps and Release on Demand.
Enterprise Solution Delivery
Large solutions that integrate multiple components of the software, network, applications, and physical parts.
Lean Portfolio Management
The ability to create a portfolio vision and a portfolio strategy. You will also be able to create portfolio charters, create their visions and develop their lean budgets. Also, being abl