2022 Resume for Graduates: How to Create an Impactful Resume

Are you in a chicken-egg situation? Are you looking for a job? Everyone is looking for experience. If you don’t start somewhere, you won’t get it. How to make your resume stand out and give you an edge over others. Let’s look at the best tips to create a resume for new graduates that will help you land a job. What should you include on a resume for fresh graduates?
How do you approach a job if you don’t have any work experience? When you apply for a job, your resume is the first contact. Your resume should have the WOW factor for new graduates.
How to make a resume stand out for new graduates?
What would a fresh graduate need to add to his/her resume? The coursework and academic grades are the most important! This is something everyone should have and will include on their resume. How can you make yourself stand out? What other activities have you done? What are some ways you can project your abilities?
There is no experience you can quote so you need to be focused on your future goals, aspirations, and how they can be aligned with the company’s goals. This section is called the “Career Goal” and it appears on your resume.
Section “Career Goal” on a resume for recent graduates
“I don’t know where I want to work or how I can make it happen.” Do not worry if this is what your thinking. The majority of graduates are in the same position. How do I write? Let’s look at some aspects to help us focus on the goal.
How do you choose a career path?
Passionate about a subject or an area is what drives you.
If you already have a mentor, your job will be easier as you already have a clear path.
Most Graduates don’t know where to start. Here are some factors to help you guide your career.
Another factor is the longevity of a career path – how long can it last?
What growth path is there in the career that you are considering?

Here are some facts to help you create a great resume for new graduates
Career Growth and Sustenance
“One fifth (1/5) the world’s gross domestic product (US$ 12 trillion) is spent on projects.” This is a huge amount – 20% of the world’s GDP is spent on projects.
According to an Anderson Economic Group report, “projects average. Project-oriented jobs have 1.2M job openings per year
Both certified and project-oriented roles are in high demand in IT/ITES, Construction, Infrastructure, Engineering, Finance, Manufacturing, Healthcare, and Service Industries.
PMI’s annual job growth report shows that there has been a clear increase in jobs that require project-oriented skills, even though there isn’t enough talent to fill these positions. Project-oriented jobs will require 87.7 millions by 2027.

Here’s a list of sectors and industries where project-oriented job opportunities are available:
IndustryJob openings (millions)Manufacturing9.7Information Services & Publishing5.5Finance & Insurance4.6Management & Professional Services1.7Utilities0.28Oil & Gas0.05

These jobs are available all over the globe. You can see the number and type of jobs created depending on where you live.

Career and Pay
What does a median annual salary for someone with less than one year of experience sound like? Great! This is the salary of an individual who holds the CAPM- Certified Associate In Project Management, which is the entry-level certification by Project Management Institute, USA.
If they work in the IT industry in Canada or India, CAPM certified managers would typically earn close to $ 100,000 If you work in India’s IT industry, it would be 9 lacs. It would be about $127,000 (highest) in the USA.
Did you know that the average American salary for project-oriented roles is $47,050